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Who We Are 

Consortium members in Washington County build and maintain Consortium engagement, and both facilitate and monitor progress toward completing each of the key RCORP-Planning tasks. Dr. Wittberg serves as a member of the project Master Consortium and is the primary contact in Washington County. Key consortium members include the Washington County Behavioral Health Board, The Right Path, and the Washington County Family & Children First Council. The Washington County consortium has full ownership of all local RCORP-Planning key tasks. A key need in Washington County relates to the collection of additional data. 

Shaeleigh Sprigg, Project Manager

Shaeleigh Sprigg serves at the Washington County Health Department in the dual roles of the local emergency response coordinator and project manager for the COP-PROUD project. She has experience working from a consulting platform that includes insurer requirements, medical billing, healthcare quality, and quality payment programs with primary care facilities and Accountable Care Organizations across the United States. She has strong organization, implementation, and process improvement skills to aid CoP-PROUD activities and the community partners in Washington County.

Consortium Members


David Browne, Director

Washington County Behavioral Health Board



Cathy Harper, Director

The Right Path



Cindy Davis, Director

Washington County Family and Children First Council


COP-RCORP Planning Products

COP-RCORP Implementation Products




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