Prevention Core Activity 1: Naloxone

To meet the activity outlined under prevention as:

Develop, implement, and assess intervention models that leverage opioid overdose reversal and increased naloxone availability as a bridge to treatment and ensure that rural communities have sufficient access to naloxone.

COP-RCORP decided in the Fall of 2019 to address this core activity independently at the local level. Each COP-RCORP local consortium completed a Needs Assessment in the planning phase which indicated the best way to approach increasing access to Naloxone in each community. The five local consortia are taking different strategies based on their Needs Assessments and Strategic Plans. Below are slides detailing naloxone-related activities presented by the communities during our regularly scheduled consortium meeting in February 2020. The video includes a recording of this presentation.

Fairfield County

Sandusky County

Seneca County

      Ashtabula County