Sustainability Activities

One of the primary areas of work for the HRSA RCORP Implementation award involves ensuring that the changes implemented under the initiative can be sustained. COP-RCORP has designed two key activities to ensure sustainability. Clicking on the activity in each box will give more information about how COP-RCORP undertook implementing that activity and provide a link to that activity’s page.

Baseline Report (December 2019)
  • RCORP-Implementation Program

    • Please attach: Sustainability_Assessment_RCORP_Implementation_FINAL.pdf”

  • Guidance from RCORP-TA​

    • Please attach: “Sustainability-Planning-Overview-Brochure.pdf”

  • Baseline Report

    • Please attach: “GA1RH33532 & GA1RH33529 COP-RCORP Baseline Sustainability Summary (FINAL).pdf”
  • RCORP-Implementation Program Sustainability Self-Assessment Tool

    • Please attach Sustainability_Assessment_RCORP_Implementation_FINAL.pdf”

    • Note for web designer: This is the same tool that was uploaded with the baseline report.

  • Guidance from RCORP-TA

    • Please attach: “Technical Assistance for RCORP Implementation  Module 2 Program Guidance Sustainability FINAL.pdf”)

  • End of Year 1 Report


End of Year 1 Report (September 2020)