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Case Western Reserve University, April 17-18


  • Healthcare professionals, physicians, researchers, judges, individuals with substance use disorders, policy experts, and diversity and inclusion advocates


  • Equity in the health sector and criminal justice system, OUD, disparities, stigmatization

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This plan outlines Ohio’s initiatives for the Appalachian region and details how these initiatives support the goals of the Appalachian Regional Commission. We are committed to reducing substance use disorder in the region and providing mental health resources. We continue to support entrepreneurship and small-business development, creating new opportunities for Ohioans in the region. And, for Ohioans

who are looking to upgrade their job skills, we are investing in workforce training. We are also promoting Ohio’s natural wonders and tourist destinations, of which the Ohio Appalachian region has many.

The ARC strategy statement outlines Ohio’s goals and priorities for the program year. Ohio’s 2020 Strategy Statement is consistent with

Section 5 of the ARC Code and explains what Ohio’s areas of focus for 2020 are in accordance with ARC’s strategic plan.

The purpose of the Guide is to arm rural leaders with information they can put into immediate action to create change. It provides background information, recommended action steps, and promising practices to help manage the impact of substance use disorder on local communities and help persons with the disease of addiction. The topics are based on lessons learned from Department of Agriculture rural roundtable discussions held in over a dozen states, as well as the experiences of several rural stakeholder partners.  

The Rural Health Research Gateway has highlighted a series of recent journal articles written by the Rural Health Research Centers. Click here for two articles related to Buprenorphine prescribing.

This feature in the Rural Health Information Hub highlights the work of COP-RCORP planning grantees in Ohio. The article highlights the presentation of Dr. Courser and Raffle at the National Rural Health Association (NRHA) Annual Rural Health Conference in Atlanta as well as key work in local consortia, including an interview with Washington County project director, Shaeleigh Sprigg.